Artificial intelligence

The chat bot contains both the text widget and voice widget. The text widget is something that can be integrated into Facebook, Slack , Twillio or any such messaging services. The voice widget is something that we will be integrating with the e-presription application.

Facial recognition might be better known for its security aspects, but the technology could also revolutionise the way shops operate. Using a combination of in-store cameras and facial recognition software, to increase customer satisfaction, improve staff management and give retailers a greater insights.


Software Development

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Mobile App Development

An introduction and overview of important topics for mobile applications developers including the different types/styles of mobile applications, their relative merits, the app development life-cycle and the interaction between the mobile front-end and cloud based back-end services.


Institution & Corporate Training

We don't train you. We help you learn and grow by yourself. With an objective of bridging the demand and supply gaps in data science, we contribute to building the future - the future driven by AI/ML. We have partnered with data science industry experts to kindle the achiever within you.

Discussions will be around ML fundamentals, data exploration and modeling techniques with R. We believe that once fundamentals are strong, you can learn any tool and any technique. With this said, we cordially invite you for the intellectual discussions.


IT Staffing

IT Staffing is one of the outsourcing strategies where the service contributor provides skilled staff to the client and helps the client in achieving business objectives. IT Staffing is an efficient way to get highly qualified and specialized Personnel at a substantially low cost.